Geothermal is the Smart Choice in Western Wyoming!

The truth is, in today's economy, with today's skyrocketing energy prices, geothermal heating and cooling is the smart choice for just about any community. But it's really gaining momentum in Western Wyoming. And we feel confident in thinking we at Conan Heating and Geothermal have had a big part to play with that.

We're the contractor more and more Western Wyoming residents are pursuing to help them experience the advantages of a geothermal heating and cooling system. That’s not difficult to understand, given our long experience with geothermal system installation and service.

We know geothermal. And we can help you understand it and appreciate it - for the unmatched year-round comfort it gives. And for the way it helps cut energy costs. By how much? Our Geothermal Savings Calculator can give you a good ballpark figure. Try it out.

Then take a cue from so many of your Western Wyoming neighbors and contact Conan Heating and Geothermal.